Friday, October 03, 2008

Can you overdose on Petit Filous?

Hmmm I'm starting to wonder. Zachary's feeding is going really well except that I keep defrosting a whole pot of fruit intending to use half for breakfast and half for lunch and then microwaving the whole damn lot at breakfast. So he's ending up with 2 yoghurts a day. Is that bad? I'm consoling myself with the thought that at least he'll be getting his calcium.

I was going great guns with Annabel although we've had a few days of rejects. Chicken, sweet potato and apple - lovely. Courgette and pea souper - lovely. Braised beef and sweet potato - lovely. Salmon, carrot and tomato - reject. Broccoli, sweet potato and green beans - reject. Leigh's pasta and tomato sauce - first night lovely, then rejected. But back on track with a chicken and rice thingy yesterday. We're trying him out on baked potato with a bit of tuna and sweetcorn tonight (yummy) and are trying to gradually get to a position where we can make Zachary a meal from what we're having for dinner, which will save on a lot of preparation and freezing of tiny containers.

I think finger food's still a way off though as no teeth in sight yet, although Zachary does seem to be chewing more and is starting to make 'ro-ro' type sounds when he talks which move his mouth in a chewy action. Tried bread the other day - Zachary touched it to his lips, pulled a face, tried to bang it on the table and then scrunched it into crumbs. Maybe another day.

(Oooo brief break there while I rescued Zachary from investigating my pile of papers and then clearing up the large pile of vomit he immediately produced!)

He's also now discovered the joy of rolling. We'd been waiting ages for him to start rolling and to be honest I'd just about given up and decided perhaps that wasn't something he was going to do. But after a few unexpected rolls (which produced a very startled expression on his face!) Zachary is now taking full advantage of his new movement capabilities, which combined with shuffling backwards and spinning on his tummy mean that he's now about as mobile as he could be without actually crawling! This is making for some very interesting (challenging!) nappy changes and dressing him in the morning. I'm having to learn to fix the nappy upside down, or else L helps me so we have one person distracting (or holding down!) at the top end while the other tries to clean and apply new nappy. It would be easier if he wasn't so bendy and didn't take such delight in everything!!!

Finally, Z is spending a lot of time on his hands and knees rocking forwards and back. No actual forward movement yet, but soon. Very soon.

On a non-baby related note it's been the first sunny, windy day for a few days so I put my washing out. Watched from the window as 2 tea-towels and a pair of L's pants went for a little flight round the garden. Nice.

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Kat said...

Hmmmm - on the broccoli front maybe he doesn't like the food because it's part of the brassica family. They have quite a bitter taste and depending on what sort of sensory taster you are depends upon whether you like brassicas (sprouts, cauli etc - and they make you fart; bad ina bay one assumes?) Loving the blog - keep up the typing old gal.

K xx