Monday, March 03, 2008

Sometimes that's God's way of telling you to think on and look sharp...

...been watching a bit of Victoria Wood this weekend!!

Had a really good weekend and it really helped going to see my sister and brother-in-law, getting out of the house and Ipswich for a bit.

Watched "Stardust" on Friday evening which we both really enjoyed (Robert de Niro very funny) - so much so that I've now bought the book to try out as well! Finished off the cupcakes - these needed cream cheese frosting according to the recipe. Sadly, although I had been efficient and checked we had all the ingredients needed for the cakes themselves, I didn't check the icing sugar situation! The recipe called for three cups of it - I managed to cobble together nearly two cups from the rest of the normal icing sugar we had and the end of a box of golden icing sugar (which will never be bought again!). The golden icing sugar had got a bit damp so I spent a good few minutes scraping that through a sieve and the icing still came out lumpy! Because of the lack of icing sugar, the frosting is still pretty liquid even two days later...but tastes pretty good somehow!

Overall the cakes came out quite moist - whether that's a slight undercooking on my part, or the use of the very wet pineapple, or a combination of both, who knows??

Headed off to Norwich Saturday morning and had lunch at a department store called Jarrolds. I had the obligatory cheese scone from Jarrolds. This harks back to my days as a child when going shopping in Norwich was a real treat - half an hour away on the train was a long journey for us then! We always stopped at Jarrolds for tea and a scone to boost ourselves on arrival before starting to shop.

Did well in town - L managed not to buy any more board games, although I was unable to resist the pick 'n' mix stall in the Mall. Went back to my sister's house where they are in the middle of refitting the kitchen (impressively Ralph is doing most of the work himself) so it was an Indian takeaway for dinner - yummy, and most importantly, didn't set off any contractions! We played lots of board games that evening and Sunday morning - a couple of games of Ticket to Ride during both of which I was soundly thrashed (Ralph is getting far too good at that game!), a games of Thebes (which fortunately I won) some card games and a bonanza of Pandemic.

Pandemic is a new cooperative game which L has recently bought - it's basically the players teaming up against the game trying to find cures for 4 diseases spreading quickly across the globe. L and I had played a couple of times on our own - one to us and one to the game. We played 5 times over the weekend - game won 3 but we won the last 2. It felt as though we were getting more organised as the last game seemed to be won much more easily, but then part of the fun of the game relies on collecting special cards from the pack and avoiding Epidemic cards. As these are drawn randomly perhaps we were just lucky! I like to think we were just great!!

Have to mention L's poor puns at this point - Bangkok is one of the cities in the game and twice L followed up the announcement of the city's name with "ouch..." Sadly it took my sister some time to catch on...both times....

Back home on Sunday to enjoy a Nobbly Bobbly in front of the Gavin & Stacey reruns we recorded on Saturday. Plenty of bobbles down my cleavage - a great end to a really good weekend.

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