Friday, March 21, 2008

Overly optimistic...

Zachary awake and hungry again at about 6!! Fortunately Daddy took pity on Mummy and changed him before attaching him to feeding station Caple again.

Managed to get another hour or so when Z finally dropped off - he's snoozing contentedly upstairs, L's planning a trip to the tip and I'm girding my loins ready to clean the kitchen and make an Easter cake. Nanny Caple's coming for a visit this afternoon - we're hoping to make use of her babysitting skills to keep an eye on him while we both get a nap later!

Were hoping to go across to Aldeburgh or Southwold over the weekend to give Z his first glimpse, smell and sound of the sea. Heard however that we're forecast cold weather and even snow on Sunday so that plan may be shelved for the time being - looks okay outside now though. Will keep fingers crossed.

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