Thursday, May 11, 2006

Revision free...

Had my taxation exam today - one of those where it wasn't great but not awful either (like the Trusts exam which just made me feel panicked...) and hopefully I've done enough to pass. Another one of those where the questions just aren't focussed where you think they will - all the past papers have been heavy on inheritance tax, with calculations relating to discretionary trusts and distributions, but this was the paper of capital gans tax. Oh the joy!

But at least it's over so no more revision for a while - at least not until the next course starts in July - it's trust and estate accounts and hopefully the last of the exams (providing I pass this one...). So tired though - left for London at half eight this morning to meet a friend beforehand so we could worry each other, exam was at 2 at a venue at least a half hour's tube ride from Liverpool Street. Exam 3 hours 15 minutes, then back on the tube and the train (not seat on either and got very hot and light headed on the way home!), and finally getting home at about eight. Can't wait to go to sleep!

Have been really nervous about this exam - couldn't get off to sleep a couple of nights ago, which was a mixture of going over in my mind all the things I needed to go through because I didn't really know them, and painful blisters from the weekend! fortunately the blisters are now well on the way to being healed.

Back to work tomorrow.

And one more thing...why are there long slug/snail trails beside our sofa and across the middle of the floor in the front room? we had them last year - didn't find any crawly things in the house - the trails stopped, and have started again now. Have we got a little nest somewhere? If we have - how do they live??? Are they getting into the house somehow? Suggestions on a postcard...

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Niles said...

We used to have those slug trails in the kitchen at Winchester Street -- they were always too and from the back door, so I always figured that they were squeezing under the door.