Sunday, May 07, 2006

Race for Life baby!

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Well, here are the three of us fresh-faced girls ready at the start of the Race for Life at the Norfolk Showground yesterday. It wasn't particularly sunny, but great weather for a run, and it didn't start to rain until we'd finished - hurrah!

We all managed our three miles (although I know I held my sister back a bit...) and I now need to get new trainers as the pair I wore gave me HUGE blisters. Three miles can seems such a long way...but it was a great event - about 4,500 women there running and about the same again in supporters to so the atmosphere was great!

And all running for a great cause - it's at these kind of events you really start to appreciate how many lives are affected by cancer - the majority of the runners had someone specific named on their back they were running for - and some had pictures as well which were particularly poignant.

Felt quite knackered at the end but proud of what we had been a part of and now all I need to do is collect in the cash!

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