Monday, May 22, 2006


You know how you agree to things because they'll only be once a month, or 4 times a year, or a one-off lovely visit to the Good Food Show, but then somehow fate conspires against you and a load of things happen together in a week which is already busy? That's a bit how I feel after last week and although it pains me to say it, roll on Monday and the start of a new week!

Last week, had a party in Nottingham for Richard on the Saturday but had to come home early on Sunday because I'd already put my name down for the Church lunch and AGM (annual event). Monday was fine, Tuesday was Worship Committee in the evening (4 times a year), which would have been fine had it not followed immediately after a course in Norwich which finished at 7! (This is partly my own fault for assuming the course would be 2-5 like any sensible course would be!!) Wednesday spent most of the afternoon, evening and night travelling to Salisbury for a presentation on Thursday and stuffing carrier bags full of goodies. Thursday was the course in the morning and journey back pm. Got home, straight out again to go to Derby for the Good Food Show on Friday (fantastic!). Came home Saturday, unpacked, cleaned the house etc. Then this morning had Praise & Worship service at church (playing viola - once a month) and then Suffolk Strings (viola again! - once month but not the same Sunday each month...!) this afternoon. Have just crawled in at half 5 ready for dinner.

At least that's got some stuff out of the way for another few weeks! And hopefully can now spend some time booking a trip for Leigh's birthday and sorting out a trip to Vinopolis with my sister and her fiancee!!

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