Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Give me a "T"!

Leigh's got me to do a meme. I've been thinking about it on the way home and hopefully have enough ideas...


Travel - Easy one to start with. I do a lot of this for work - including my 90 mile round trip to actually get to the office! as a firm, we have 5 offices spread out across East Anglia, so there's the journeys between them, and also because of the nature of my work I have a lot of elderly clients and if they can't get to an office I travel out to see them at home. Takes me about an hour to go to my usual office, but at least I'm moving all the time, not stuck in jams, or spending an hour getting to work on the underground - yuck!

Tea - hurrah, the drink of gods! Like a good strong cup myself, and had a disastrous one out for lunch at the weekend. It really didn't taste of anything! I quite like green tea as well, but have never really got one well with fruit teas.

Tax and trusts - this is basically what I deal with at work (amongst other things), but this is the team I am designated to! I find it really stimulating and challenging (despite what others may thnk of the private client department - one comment being 2oh you work with dead people"...) and better than that have a tax exam on Wednesday... No, not really looking forward to it.

Thrillers (crime) - my favourite kind of reading. Started with Agatha Christie many moons ago and still love them. Read all sorts now, and usually attribute a wide range to inspired birthday and Christmas presents from one of our friends.

Trial by Jury - the next production of the Ipswich G&S society. I haven't sung it before, but the music sounds great, although not a huge amount for the female chorus - as the Judge, Counsel, Usher and jury are all men!! Humph! I've decided to audition for the part of a bridesmaid - initially this was just to get more things to do in the chorus (not because I really think I'm any good) but since finding out the only song is a duet rather than a solo solo, I really want the part now! So...I imagine do most of the women's chorus...

Treble clef - this is a bit of a cheat really, but I wanted to include music in general because I love it so! G&S, orchestra - hmmm, something about ensemble playing and singing really seems to make me feel really positive and lifted. This subject is a bit of a cheat because playing the viola, I use alto clef...although treble clef for singing, so that's nearly there! what else was there...oh yes,

Teachers - I have been surrounded by them all my life - my parents were both teachers (and one still is), my sister is a teacher and our best adult friends when we were growing up were teachers as well. Get togethers generally involved talking shop, and still do!! I hope I have a bit of an insight into the life as a result - I certainly don't think I could be one! My mum used to teach at the first school I went to and there was something a bit exciting and illicit about being able to roam the school after all the pupils had left - also really enjoyed sorting out the library and reading books in my summer holidays and helping get the room ready for the new school year. Have I shared too much??

Blast, that's only 7 - thought I had more than that in the car...

Tango - one of my favourite ballroom dances, all kind of serious and passionate and tight movements. We're still going to classes which I love, and kind of wish we had more time to do more dancing. Recently passed our second social dancing test (unbelievably - said in the voice of Geoff from the League of Gentlemen [is that the voice I mean Leigh?]) and am still lusting after those sequinned dresses!!!

Seems a bit sad, but I reckon TVshold be in here too. "But how do you have time for TV when there is so much going on?" I hear you ask...well, it can always be fitted in somewhere!!!! Such brilliant shows I have watched and remember - too many to name them all, but often involving mystery, or games, or puzzles, or comedy basically!!

Just one to go then...

Tents - how could I forget this one? I did a lot of camping when I was young, with the Guides and with the school and also Duke of Edinburgh (no, not with the Duke of Edinburgh - with the scheme...) and to be honest these times probably had a lot to do with shaping the person I am today. Have fantastic memories of those times, despite camping also introducing me to some of the coldest nights (Sandringham and Weave '93) and wettest days (North Wales - need I say more) of my life. and soon hopefully the windiest beach (Shell Island). Have fantastic memories of these as a child and am glad to say am building more fantastic camping memories with my husband!


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Leigh said...

Not sure if he was named...I think Geoff was the one that got fired and tried to become a stand up comic in London.