Sunday, March 12, 2006

Can you hear the people sing...

Brilliant day! Thought I ought to catch up on some blogging and have been especially busy the last couple of weekends.

Last weekend involved journey to Nottingham for cocktails, a great meal (at a restaurant I often passed at uni but never tried) and far too much wine...followed by a 7am dash back to Ipswich for a concert rehearsal. Concert in the afternoon which went really well - hopefully lots of very happy and musically inspired children in Ipswich now!

Today have been to London, treating Mum to a matinee of "Les Miserables" for her birthday (last Friday). The show was absolutely ace - I saw it first on Broadway when we went to New York, somehow Leigh mystically managed to get front row seats - today we were in the upper circle but it was great to see the whole stage and it really was wonderful. Mum said she really loved it so mission accomplished!

Not much on tomorrow thank goodness - really need to do more revision - tax exam coming up...

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