Thursday, March 16, 2006

Walking on broken glass

I have been trying to find a copy of the video (Annie Lennox) for this on the web, but the only one I found needed me to install something on the computer which the firewall wouldn't let me do! If anyone has any ideas... I was listening to it in the car today and seem to recall it had Hugh Laurie and Stephen fry in it (?) but I may just be confusing myself with French and Saunders send up of Dangerous Liaisons, because there's definitely a lot of corsets and wigs going on in both!

And Friday is shaping up to be a fun day - I will be at 4 of the 5 firm offices at some point - we're starting at Watton for an early appointment, then over to Thetford (which is where I usually spend Fridays - some kind of cruel and unusual punishment no doubt!!!). Then to Bury for a meeting and a retirement lunch for one of our secretaries. Then to Norwich for a will signing (client going on holiday next week, usual last minute panic to get things finished which have been hanging around for months) and back to Thetford for what's left of the afternoon! I'm going to be spending more time in the car than anywhere else......

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