Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ernest Part 2

Yes, I have just done 3 blogs in a row - thought it would be easier to read than one mammoth one??

Anyway, the saga of Ernest (my grandfather on my mother's side) continues. I thought I'd be clever and try to look up on the census who was living at the house Mabel was in service in about the time she had Ernest (just in case, you know!). Sadly, only the census' (censii??) up to 1901 are available for public browsing - the ones after that are still confidential.

But in 1901, the occupants of 6 Stanley Road were William, Mary and their son George - can't properly make out the surname. William was a house decorator. Wonder if they were still there in 1909?

Anyway, got a bit carried away after that so I also looked up our house now - 33 Waterloo Road to find that in 1901 it was occupied by Robert, Annie and Robert junior Malden, Robert was an assistant inspector of port men (at least that's what it looks like - sounds a bit suspicious to me!!). Then tried the house where my mum lives now in Great Yarmouth and where I spent my older childhood years but no luck - I think I remember anyway seeing old maps of Yarmouth and that our road didn't exist until the 50's - all sand until then. But...the house where I lived until I was about 9 was there - occupied by Thomas and Mary Harvey and the little Harveys Ethel Gladys, William Thomas, Leo (?) Frederick and Gertrude. That would have been a squash!!!

I'll have to stop now - getting a bit obssessive, but it's fascinating!! If I were to change jobs, I think I'd go into something like this - family research - I love the hunt for clues!

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