Sunday, March 19, 2006


Spent an exciting day yesterday painting the boiler cupboard and creating some shelving for our stuff. Picture makes it look pretty ordinary though - should have taken a before one as well... But a day full of new learnings - stuffing holes full of polyfilla and news papers, buying planks from B&Q, realising they won't fit in my car, going back home to get Leigh's car and buying them (!) and my first go with the jigsaw!! It took a couple of gos to get the hang of the thing, and my cuts are less than straight but it was pretty good and much better than attempting to hand saw the planks. And I'm quite pleased with the result - all my own work! Also good opportunity to sort out the linen and hide away all the pillow cases and tea-towels (which for some reason seem to number in the hundreds...) in the loft making the cupboard look far more roomy. I really ache today though. So not fit - supposed to be doing the Breast Cancer Race for Life in May - that'll be a laugh.

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