Sunday, February 19, 2006

Treasures of the loft

Spent a productive couple of hours this morning sorting the loft out. For ages now we've been putting stuff up there which has nowhere else to go and it was practically splitting at the seams so something had to be done. Got rid of an amazing amount of cardboard - mostly hoarded boxes from appliances when they were new - kept in case they broke down.

But also found 2 modems, 3 double duvets (in addition to the 2 already in use in the house!), a B&D paint stripper which we had completely forgotten we had, a huge amount of chopped cardboard (we worked out it belonged to the box the bed arrived in about 4 years ago! and we had taken the time and trouble to cut it up and then kept it in the loft - what for??????) and a box belonging to one of our old irons with an even older iron in it! Not to mention a shoe box full of tester pots (of colours whicn probably no longer exist), broken video and DVD players and the old computer, and a mountain of stuff for Freecycling!

A very dirty and tiring (2 trips to the tip!) time, but it all looks very lovely and empty up there now. Still one end of the space to go...but we'll save that for another weekend. Oh the joy

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Kat said...

you freecycle - great friend sthink alike! I love that. Let's hook up soon!