Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Oh. My. God. In my car on the way to work this morning I felt some kind of crusty dry stuff in my hair. Then spent the rest of the journey trying to peer at it in the rearview mirror while not crashing the car (I can do multi-tasking!). All I worked out was that it was white - thought it might be bird poo, but it smelt minty! Toothpaste?? If it is, what sort of freaky way do I brush my teeth that means I get toothpaste in my hair - and I'm talking about right at the top of my crown, not just the ends dangling into the sink.

The worst thing was that my bos noticed and said "oh you've got some paint or something in your hair." Did I reply "oh have I? I must check that"? Of course not - "Yes. I noticed. I think it's toothpaste." Brilliant.

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Niles said...

Haha -- LOL.