Sunday, January 06, 2013

New year, new me - well, sort of!

Despite a fairly constant cold for the past 2 weeks, I can genuinely say I've had a really great Christmas holiday. The boys have both really got into it this year and been excited about the build-up and Christmas day was lovely (although Zachary was awake at 3am asking when he could get up! Fortunately he dropped back off to sleep about half 4 until 7ish). We also weren't able to go an visit my family in Norfolk until after New Year, and being around about at home for that week between Christmas and New Year gave us all a chance to relax and not feel as though we were haring about the country. I even had a few evenings where I wasn't thinking about things I ought to be doing!

But the decorations came down today and it's time for work tomorrow. I'm not dreading it but I've got far too used to being at home again and getting up at 6.30 is going to be a killer! I've already got a list of jobs to do on Thursday...

We've managed to do quite a bit of sorting and clearing out over the holiday - not that it's created a huge amount of new space, but certain areas of the house don't feel quite so crowded now! The cook books have been sorted through and a few designated for the charity shop, the loft/games room/hobby room/craft room has had a good tidy, and we've sorted out all the 'baby' toys from the toy storage to make room for Christmas presents - the boys were pretty good about that, they were both keen to point out things they felt they had grown out of. The annoying small plastic toys they get from McDonalds and from the front of comics were a different matter though and I had to be more discrete about those. I wasn't entirely successful on my first try - cue Zachary standing over the bin - "but I need that" small, plastic tractor which has a wheel missing and who's trailer cannot be found! Gentle persuasion and further 'tidying' after they'd gone to bed sorted that one out...

I have also made some tentative resolutions - I've tried not to be too ambitious because I know I'll fail immediately! I'm going to try to make further contact with some of the mums of children in Zachary's class and have some of his friends over for tea occasionally, there's the annual promise to myself to try to eat less cake, but I haven't made any resolutions about exercise! I know I need some but not quite sure how to fit it in yet! It appears my work has got corporate membership at the local golf club which has a gym and swimming pool so I may be able to start making use of my lunch hours there.

I'm also going to try and be a bit more go-getting at work - my first step on this is to try and arrange some management training, or something similar. I want to work towards promotion at work and I really need to get myself into gear management-wise so I can be a bit more proactive.

Finally I've have thought about some female role-models to help me on my way - okay that sounds a bit weird when I type it, and please don't laugh when I tell you who they are. Out of the many noble and successful women I could choose, I have pitched myself at, a lady at my previous work who is not much older than me but always impressed me with the way she worked and was just ultra-organised (she also won some kind of young achiever of the year award a few years' back), Tina Fey as she is just brilliant and successful, and Miranda Hart for generally being happy with who she is (and her clumsiness reminds me of me!).

Happy New Year!

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