Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Equality and Diversity training

Mandatory Equality and Diversity training yesterday afternoon. We had to begin by going round the room saying our names, what our job titles were and what we expected to get out of the training - well given that we had all been handed the three-line whip about going, I'm not sure that anyone had really planned to get anything out of it!!!!

Then we did an ice-breaker which was vaguely related to the whole equality and diversity thing - the trainer asked a series of questions and we had to stand up if we would answer 'yes' to the question. For example 'who goes to sports matches regularly,' or 'who watches a soap opera.'

Apparently I am the only person in the office who regularly practises a religion. So that's me pegged as the religious nut in the office!!!

Actually, the more interesting thing was that a few questions before that she had asked 'who feels happy to say that they have no religion,' and out of the room of about 20 of us, 5 people stood. So taking off those and me, there's about 14 people at work who either don't want to say they have no religion, or feel they have religion but just don't 'practice' it 'regularly.' Whatever that means!!!

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