Saturday, April 07, 2012


I have realised that lately this blog has become less about my general day to day doings and more just a run-down of what I've baked recently! I shall attempt to put this the meantime though...just so you don't get bored...!

Auntie Becky's birthday cake - as decorated by Zachary. Vanilla sponge with jam and buttercream filling and topped with buttercream.

Easter fruity Simnel slice - delicious although highly bad for you. There's a 500g pack of marzipan in there (along with everything else!)

Uncle Jamie's birthday cake (essentially the same as Becky's but with a different colour icing and topping!)

Mini blueberry tarts. Nice.

I had planned to have another bash at something yeast-based this week - hot cross buns. But not managed it so far. Hopefully I will soon - I need a day when I will regularly be back at the house to check on the 3 risings/provings they need and not be rushed about how long I give them to rise (as it's turned colder, and despite what the recipe says, nothing will double in size in an hour at the temperature the house is at the moment!). Watch this space.

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