Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter 2012

It's been a busy Easter weekend this year. We went to Snibston Discovery Museum with Leigh's parents on Good Friday, had a brilliant roast dinner (courtesy of Leigh!) on Saturday. Then it was Easter breakfast at church and morning service for me and the boys followed by Easter egg hunt at our friends' house. The weather was not great, but good enough for the children to have an excited 10 minutes running round the garden searching out chocolate!

Easter Monday we went to another friends' house for a late Mardi Gras party - we made carnival masks for the occasion...

I'm not sure, but I think Zachary's face says "do I really have to pose for this?"! I made some mini key lime pies

The recipe described them as "speedy," but I think that was solely on the basis that the filling didn't need to be cooked! Pressing biscuit mixture into 24 mini muffin sections of a tin was not speedy! Fortunately though, the mixture puffed up quite a bit in the oven (the base did need to be cooked) and I could reshape my otherwise slightly ropey bases when they came out and were still hot!

Tuesday was fairly quiet although we did go out to Staunton Harold in the afternoon and today we have been to Twycross Zoo with Uncle Jamie. Again, weather not fantastic, but the hail did hold off while we were there and it was great. Hopefully swimming tomorrow and friends over for some dinner. Out for dinner on Friday night and then CBeebies Live on Saturday afternoon (which I think Leigh and I are looking forward to more than the boys!). Busy but lovely. Monday might come as a bit of a shock to the system...

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