Wednesday, February 09, 2011

We're sticking with it this time...

Having another go at potty training with Zachary. I've had a few attempts since our first blast last November, but not really stuck at it. This time however, Zachary's move to the big boys and girls' room at nursery after Easter is (almost) imminent and nursery seem keen for him to be potty trained by then. To be honest, so am I!

So we started off again at the weekend, had a couple of accidents, but then Leigh and I cottoned onto Zachary's pattern of behaviour immediately pre-wee. He either does an increasingly energetic little dance (especially if he's in the middle of something he doesn't want to be disturbed from), or he goes into the corner of the room, or somewhere away from the rest of us. That realised, we managed the rest of the weekend getting his wees into the potty. Hurrah! He seems quite keen to wee on the potty which is good, although not quite ready for poos yet (a shiny gold chocolate coin has been promised for the first poo in potty). And yesterday he even announced he needed a wee, followed by actually producing a wee! Up til then, Leigh and I had been initiating everything and suggesting he sits on the potty for a try.

So we are making small steps, but positive ones and I feel encouraged. I'm going to stick with it now until Zachary's happy with it all. I'm tending to fill the morning with activities outside the house (and he wears pull-ups for these) and then spending the afternoon in the house with Zachary just in pants. This works well because Leo now only seems to need one nap a day and is generally taking it just after lunch for 1-2 hours, so I can concentrate on Zachary for a bit. We have guests tomorrow afternoon, which usually causes a bit of excitement...we'll see how it goes!

In other news, Leigh has found possibly the most invaluable piece of advice ever on the internet ...

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