Friday, February 18, 2011

Fantastic choc chip cookie recipe!

Leigh dug this recipe out for me. The link is here - I'm not going to type it out again because it's quite long and their commentary is great as well. The cookies are lovely - chewy and crispy and a great flavour. Will definitely be making these again.

I did the first 8 or so cookies using the ball method, straight onto the cookie sheet. Here they are going in...

and coming out.

The rest of the dough I rolled into a very rough "log"

and this was chilled for a couple of hours before Leigh cut it into 'discs' (I use that word carefully - my log was artistically rustic!) and baked.

Going in...

and out.

Both sets came out really well, although I overcooked some of the disc cookies. I was expecting them to be slightly browner than perhaps they needed to be, so slightly less chewy in the centre than they might have been. But still gorgeous. Definitely using this again!

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