Sunday, January 16, 2011

Totally infuriating and unbearably sweet

My children that is, not some new complicated cake! Zachary appears to have gone back to tantrums - we've had several this week. These are the full-on scream, hitting and kicking me variety. Fortunately the intense 'moment' of the tantrum is over quite quickly but then sobbing Zachary needs a hug to right himself. This would be fine except that one side effect of Leo's recent illness has been an overwhelming clinginess to me. Picture the scene - Leo playing happily in one corner of the room. I go to deal with a Zachary tantrum at the other end - Leo fine. I put Zachary on my lap to comfort him - cue screams of misery from Leo, a trek across the room to me and attempts to push Zachary off my lap. Oh dear!

Leo has seemed better the last couple of days - long may that continue!

So we have been dealing with a new level of Zachary testing boundaries when this happened at dinner. We had cake and custard (yum!) for pudding - Zachary loves custard with a passion. Leo had finished his pudding and was making hand gestures at the remains in my bowl and Leigh gave Leo some from his bowl. At this point Zachary holds up his bowl to Leigh. We both assumed he was asking for more custard, but when we asked Zachary, he said he wanted to share what he had left with Leo. I nearly cried it was so lovely. Have to remember this the next time he punches me....!

Oh, and Zachary has also discovered a love for snooker. Although he refers to it as shooting coloured balls into nests. And spends the entire time watching a match shouting "what colour next?"!

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