Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas cake 2010

Well...I think my imagination exceeds my actual skills, but I'm really quite pleased with how it turned out

(I bought the Santa, snowman and robin figures)

I was slightly disappointed that my roll of ready-rolled icing didn't actually cover the bottom of the sides of the cake, and when I tried to tease it out it just tore! Thank goodness for the blue stars!!!!

I used vodka to stick the letters and stars to the cake - I had seen Kirstie and Phil using vodka to stick sugar paste bows together on their Perfect Christmas programme and thought that might be a good idea. Worked pretty well, although I only have large pastry brushes so ended up using a bit too much liquid and the colour in the icing started to run...fortunately not too much. By the time I got to the stars I was using my finger to dab vodka in the points and centre and that worked much better. Also I used playdough cutters for the letters and stars...not too bad but as they're made of plastic they didn't give a very sharp edge and I had to do a little neatening up with a knife afterwards. That said it doesn't look too bad, Zachary enjoyed helping me, particularly the glitter!!! Merry Christmas!

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