Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekend woes

Last weekend was great and not great. We went to Norwich to see my sister and her family to celebrate her daughter Eleanor's first birthday. Had birthday tea with my Mum and her husband on the Saturday and then lunch with my Dad, his wife and my aunt on Sunday. Lovely. Except...

As we were preparing to leave on Saturday, Leigh got the key stuck in the roof box and when he pulled it out, the entire lock barrel came with it! Fortunately the lid was locked (allbeit with the double buggy stuck inside!) but unopenable. So item number 1 this week on our return was a trip to Halfords where after an hour of messing about they told me it was fixed, demonstrated how easily the key turns in the lock now and promptly pulled out the lock barrel again! A new roof box has now been fitted at no charge to us. Nice.

Item number 2 - Leo got scalded by a very hot cup of tea at lunch on Saturday. Horrible, horrible, feel physically sick horrible. Held his arm under running water (for not long enough) but then realised it was blistering and given the size of the blisters, raced to Norwich A&E to get it checked out. Fortunately it appears to be mainly superficial and the doctor did not think it will scar, but Leo now has a heavily bandaged arm while the open areas heal. Zachary was great staying with my sister and actually, not including the initial burn and resulting pain, Leo has been absolutely amazing about the whole thing. He managed to calm down while we were waiting to see the doctor and since then it doesn't appear to have bothered him greatly. We administered a bit of Calpol on the first couple of days, but I'm now not and waiting to see if he is in pain (don't want to mask anything which might be going on now). He has been fab and everything seems to be healing well.

Item number 3 - Zachary seems to have picked up a strange infection (?) which means he is fine most of the day then gets feverish and lethargic and tired at around 3/4 in the afternoon. He stays hot and bothered for a few hours and then everything seems to clear in the middle of the night. Very odd and this has gone on all week since Saturday. I'm taking him to the docs to get it checked out tomorrow but it has meant some pretty disturbed evenings and nighttimes for us.

So that was our three things this weekend - gladly this week has gone much better and there's the prospect of seeing our friends and the panto at the weekend which I am much looking forward to.

I also had a go at a "Storecupboard Friendly Florentines" recipe today - hmmmm. The basis was cornflakes with dried fruit and flaked almonds, bound together with condensed milk. Now I am a big fan of condensed milk and this meant there was no spoon licking left for Zachary! However they have come out from the oven chewy rather than crunchy and the cornflakes seem to have gone a bit soggy! I'm not sure if this is me not cooking them for long enough, or whether this is the consistency they're supposed to be! I'm blaming the condensed milk...not to worry though, they taste great and I'm now off to attempt to put some melted chocolate on them. Should be wrapping Leigh's presents really as he's out at Toy'R'Us on a mercy mission for Zachary's last present (Amazon have let us down)...but chocolate seems more appealing!!!! (must diet in the new year...)

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