Friday, April 23, 2010

Ooo eck!

Okay, I think that it's time to start this up again - not least since one of my children has decided that getting up at 6am is an appropriate use of his time! The bad thing is I think my body has started to adjust to it, and I'm starting to plan the evening before what jobs I'll get done in that hour and a bit before the rest of the house is up (really exciting stuff like emptying the dishwasher!).

So, since June I have now had my second baby - wahey! What I thought was indigestion after a heavy Chinese takeaway turned out to be contractions and Leo James followed pretty quickly afterwards (well, in comparison to the marathon labour I had with Zachary). Leo is now nearly 6 months old so we're turning our attention to weaning again, which is pretty scary how quickly that has come around. Zachary is now 2 and is due to start nursery a couple of mornings a week from the beginning of May. It's going to leave us a bit strapped income-wise, but will hopefully be great for him, and give me more time with Leo and to get stuff done around the house...finally I should be able to make our 'new' bedroom curtains!

Oh and we need a new roof. A few tiles slipped over the winter and the chap who came to sort those out told us we had nail fatigue and basically the whole thing needs replacing. Great. Work due to start end of May.

Lots of other stuff has been going on - Z still swimming, and he's started a Rhythm Time class with my friend Vanessa, he's moved into a big bed, and we've been making the most of getting people over for dinner and board gaming. Also my sister and 2 of our friends up here have had babies as well and it's been great having more people to talk baby with.

Need to update all my profile details now - it's about half 8. Leo's been in bed since 7 and we haven't got past half 9 without a wakeup...let's see how long he goes tonight!

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