Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Brain is dead

It's quarter to 10 and I'm really tired. Trying to decide whether to stay up a bit longer to sort something out for His indoors' birthday or just give in and go to bed. On the plus side, Leo hasn't stirred yet tonight which is great. Last night he woke at half 7 and 10, but not then again til 4, and we have had recently a night where he fed at 7 as usual and then went til 2 without another feed. It's totally bizarre and inconsistent! It seems as though he's starting to get to the stage where he can go much longer, but then we seem to have a night where it's back to every 3 hours on the dot. Hey ho.

On the plus side we'll be starting to wean him in the next few weeks so hopefully that'll affect his sleep patterns for the better...although at some point we'll also be putting him to bed in the nursery with Zachary rather than in our room. We have 'officially' got space for them to have a room each, but I think it'll be good for them to share at least for a while. Am I setting this up for disaster? Hopefully they'll settle into it - my main fear is that I don't want to disrupt Zachary too much. He's a great sleeper at the moment and makes no fuss about going to bed. I just hope Leo isn't too much of a disturbance. Added to which we still haven't cracked the whole 'getting Leo to go to sleep without being fed to sleep!' If we try it, it usually ends up with about 5 minutes of happy Leo in cot playing, then instantly switching to hysterical screaming! Zachary's sleeping at his grandparents this weekend, it's time to have a controlled crying attempt. Not looking forward to it, but it's got to be done - hopefully Leo will surprise us both and settle himself. Yeah, right!

I think I might stay up a bit longer - busy day tomorrow. Zachary has his second settling in session at nursery (the one on Tuesday went really well, but I've been warned that children seem to be able to spot the difference when they first start 'for real' and we leave the building totally. That's next Tuesday), then I need to go to Home Bargains, do the supermarket shop, have a massive bake-a-thon for my Cake Break on Friday and then clean the bits of the house which are likely to see visitors on Friday. Hurrah.

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