Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Buggy Boarding

As Leo is up at 5 this morning I thought I would try to use my time wisely - and hope frantically that he'll get tired and drop off again in about an hour so I can go back to bed too!

Had a trial with the buggy board yesterday and pleasingly it was really successful. It remains to be seen if that can be repeated now the initial excitement over something new has gone, but Zachary seemed to get on really well with it. Basically a buggy board is a stand on wheels that clips to the back of another pushchair which one child stands on. We have borrowed one from a relative to trial with the boys and she was very enthusiastic about them.

We talked about them before Leo was born but decided that Zachary was probably still a little too young then to manage standing for a while on the board (and behaving!) so bought a double buggy anyway, which has been great. But he is now starting to want to walk more and can give a bit of trouble getting into the pushchair so I thought now might be the time to try something different.

And he seemed to like it. We got all the way into town and back again using the board which surprised me but is very good. It's a bit more awkward to push as Zachary stands between me and the pushchair so I lean a bit more, but it will certainly be great for little trips and hopefully the shopping centre. Rock on.

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