Friday, September 05, 2008

Today's ineptitude

Had a busy day today - needed to be out of the house by about quarter to twelve to meet friends from work for lunch, then called in to see my Mum in Stokesby for a cuppa before heading home. Had a complete mare getting out of Norwich which was entirely my own fault!

First turned the wrong way out of the carpark so headed into town instead of back the way I had come in. Then took the wrong lane coming out onto Prince of Wales Road and again managed to get myself headed back towards town instead of the station and the A47. Decided to try and get out via the law courts rather than just go all the way round the next roundabout and back on myself...this would be fine if I hadn't ignored the 'no through road' sign thinking that it looked as though I would be able to get through (why did I think that??!!). And guess what. It was a no through road so came back on myself again. I should know better.

But it was a great day - capped off by the fact that as I was driving back into Ipswich this evening I noticed my flies were undone. I didn't use the toilet at the restaurant at lunch. Or at my Mum's. Whooops!

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