Friday, September 05, 2008

Oh dearie, dear

Now that I've finally set myself up on Flickr, I'm obsessing a bit about photos I can upload. I've already got my Postcrossing cards sorted and am beginning the slightly mind-numbingness of scanning in the stamps too...(don't ask why)

I'm thinking of adding my baking endeavours to the next set and including the recipes in the description of the photo. Pulled out some photos of the birthday cake I made L this year and the 'really impressive' icing...ho hum. I had visions of creating a wonderful cake covered with hundreds of lovely purples rosettes. Two things conspired against me - using butter straight from the fridge meant that none of the rosettes actually stuck to the top of the cake and I was forced to do lines of piping instead, and the icing bag leaks fat from the butter. Makes your hands lovely and slippery!

But with that in mind I was pleased to find this website - Cake Wrecks - I'm sure mine wasn't quite as awful as some of these!

And this is another site I keep returning to - It's Lovely I'll Take It. Damn you Foster for pointing it out!!

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