Friday, September 05, 2008

Those of a nervous disposition look away now

This post is about poo.

I don't know if it the fate of all new mums, or just peculiar to me but I have become obsessed by poo. Zachary's, not mine! Colour, consistency, smell, frequency and quantity have all become little mini obsessions since birth. I suspect it could be because quite often a baby's poo/wee can reveal if they're not very well - so if they don't wee enough they're poo can mean they're unwell...constipation is not good etc etc.

A baby's poo changes quite rapidly after birth when they're getting rid of all the nasty stuff that's built up in there during the pregnancy (black tar-like stuff) to when feeding settles in and you know what you should be expecting to appear (bright yellow - nice!). We knew when to expect lake of poo (early every morning) but now that we're weaning Zachary, it's all changing again along with the return of my preoccupation with all things poo! Let's just say we're fairly sure that his system appears to be digesting the solid food effectively.

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