Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jammy Dodgers!

I have reached the jammy dodgers page in my Biscuits book! I didn't read the recipe through before I started and so didn't realise that - (a) the jam isn't cooked in the biscuits, you simply sandwich two of the vanilla biscuits together when cool with it, and (b) Miranda suggests that you leave them for a day after putting them together to allow them to stick together properly and for the jam to absorb slightly into the biscuits. Yes. Well if she thinks that a batch of biscuits can be made in this house without being sampled the day they're made....

And a note on the jam - nothing specific was mentioned in the recipe, but jam with big bits in (like the mixed fruit jam  Leigh makes) will not work very well - I managed to break a biscuit trying to squash it down over the lumps! Sieved jam worked much better!!

Stage I - bake the biscuits individually

Stage II - sandwich with jam!!

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