Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 9 beckons...

I can hardly believe it but I am nearly at week 9 of Couch to 5k!!! My last week 8 run is tomorrow, and then week 9 beckons after the weekend.

I remember week 1 - I think I pretty much nearly gave up after the first minute's run, and now I can run for 28 minutes! Not fast...but I can keep going for 28 minutes. My body does seem to give up when I get the 5-minute call and the last 5 minutes are hard, but I can do it!

I have taken a possibly foolhardy step though of signing up for something to keep my motivation going after I finish the 9 weeks - a half-marathon in October. I'm not planning to be able to run all the way round, but I'm hoping that between now and then I can extend my half-hour running to an hour running and possibly try to get 10k in that hour. Which will mean I have to start running faster as well!

But I'm staying positive - now just need to find another good running plan to help me extend my run...

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