Sunday, July 07, 2013

Blueberry Bumbles

This is another recipe from Miranda's lovely Biscuit book. These are regular biscuits with dried blueberries, orange zest and white chocolate chips in - quite nice, although you can't really taste the blueberries and the orange pretty much overpowers the biscuit. I probably put too much in! Straightforward to make and the bonus is that the dough gets rolled into logs which can either be chilled and cooked straightaway, or you can freeze the logs for emergency biscuits any time!

The next recipe in the book was sweetie biscuits, which look like regular cookies with Smarties on the top, so I'm leaving that one. The next recipe is chocolate biscuits with Rolos on top which Leigh tried and were lovely! That means the next batch to try will be...jammy dodgers!! Hurrah!!!

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