Saturday, June 09, 2012

Sweetie time!

Its the big golfing do tomorrow - hopefully the rain will hold off! But the good news is that all the sweets are prepared and ready to go. Very glad I didn't need to do them all last minute (made the coconut ice about a week and a half ago) and also very glad I opted out of having to boil sugar for them!

So we have 80 pieces of coconut ice, 80 dark chocolate truffles and 80 mini strawberry meringues. The meringues were the ones I was most doubtful about but they look and taste good, I only needed 4 egg whites to make over 80 meringues and I have (more or less) successfully managed to drizzle white chocolate over them! I want to post some photos, but our camera lens has gone kaput and we've had to send it away for repair. I'm hoping to be able to upload some dodgy phone photos tomorrow once all's done.

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