Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Jubilee Weekend

It has been a weekend of celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee - especially good with the extra Bank Holidays. While I quite like the Queen and the monarchy with all its history, we haven't actually done anything Jubilee'y as a family (except getting Zachary dressed up on Friday), but have still had a great weekend.

We spent Saturday and Sunday down in Norfolk with my sister, her family and my Mum. My sister is very pregnant, due on 15th June, and I saw this as our last chance to see her before things start happening! Also, she probably won't want overnight visitors as soon as the baby is born! It was also a good opportunity for us to drop off our old Moses basket and baby activity mat for them - aha, more space upstairs (although Zachary did say to Leigh's mum today that he would like a baby brother or sister - he said he would move over and share his bed with them. Ahhhhh. ). Watched The Inbetweeners film too - very, very funny ("it'll be a 50 Euro fine. Each time"). We were going to a Jubilee carnival on the Sunday but rain too bad and ended up just having a lovely pub lunch instead.

Yesterday we journeyed out to Bosworth Field - slightly apprehensive that it might be a bit dry and dull. Thankfully, how wrong were we! The reason we chose this particular attraction is that it's on the Leicestershire Stay, Play and Explore ticket which is excellent value, it's the only 1 of the 5 we haven't yet been too...and which will still let us in with the ticket on a Bank Holiday!

So Bosworth Field is the site of the (now named) Battle of Bosworth, which was virtually the final battle in the War of the Roses. It was the battle which saw the end of King Richard III of the House of York - defeated by the forces of Henry Tudor. I vaguely remember bits of this from history at school, but had got a lot of it confused in my mind - fortunately the excellent guided tour sorted it all out. The exhibition was very interesting (mental note to go back when the boys aren't with us and actually read some of the displays), and there was enough to keep the boys occupied - lots of interactive exhibits and some treasure hunts to solve on the way. There was also a Living History area outside (rain held off!) where King Richard and his soldiers marched around and made proclamations, and you could visit and ask questions of the wise woman (and all her potions and herbs) and the fletcher (not sure if that's the right name - arrow maker), have a peek inside King Richard's tent and watch a great archery display (while hearing lots of people sneer at Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves!).

Today we went with Leigh's mum and dad to a spot they used to take Leigh and his brother to - Bradgate Country park. Fab - we parked by the entrance which leads to Old John's Tower, walked up to that, on past the war memorial, then we spotted some deer and walked further down past them, back round past the "magic" pond and then out to the car again. About an hour's walk, lovely scenery and Zachary managed it all (Leo didn't!). Another place we shall be returning to - a bit more rugged and interesting looking than some other Country Parks we have visited and there was lots we saw off in the distance in the Park which we didn't have time to explore today. Apparently there are 3 entrances, so we shall have to explore the others...not to mention the Visitor Centre and tea rooms which we didn't find today either!

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