Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday, Monday

Two interesting things happened today. Firstly I received the photo calendar I'd ordered for Leigh's Nan from Vistaprint..along with 2 other random calendars! As I opened the envelope and saw three calendars my heart sank - ordering too much of something has been known to happen with me and the interwebs!

But as it turned out, it was nothing to do with me - our calendar had been sent along with one belonging to Theresa & Ingo (I know this because their names are emblazened across the front cover) and one of some other babies and children. Of course we had a nosey at the pictures. Now I'm not making any comments here about the attractiveness or otherwise of the subjects of the calendars, but I'm just bemused by the choice of some of the pictures, mainly from the baby one (unless of course the calendars are presents from friends/relatives who only have a limited selection of photos to choose from...). There are photos where the subject is half hidden by a sofa, or is not centred properly and is right at the bottom of the picture or where the camera has focussed on the mobile in front of the baby's face, rather than on the baby's face! But hey, they're not my calendars - I mean I would take care over my choice of photos and certainly not do anything as ridiculous as say, using the same photo for 2 months in a calendar for my Mum or anything...

And the other thing which happened was typical me. I was looking for a birthday card for my niece who'll be 1 in a couple of weeks. Now I was specifically looking for a 'niece' card and I'm usually averse to sentimental, flowery, twee poems in cards. So I found a card I thought looked great from the outside - said 'niece' and had some pics of flowers and butterflies. Great. Came to write it this evening, opened it (yes I know, I didn't check in the shop...) and found these words...

Thinking of you
on your birthday -
with fun memories
of the little girl you were
and with loving pride
in the wonderful person
you are.

Hmmmmm. Not the worst on the words front (although wouldn't usually be my first choice) but I can't possibly send it to a baby!!!! Perhaps I should stick to a card with '1' on it. Can't go too wrong there, surely??

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