Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's in a name?

This weekend saw Zachary's christening - I was really pleased that we've managed to fit it in before the move and could have it at the church where we married six years ago. It's the church I attend so I know a lot of the congregation and it was great to share the service with them as well as with our family and friends. The christening was almost 6 years to the day from our wedding, but unfortunately Peggy isn't preaching this weekend.

Jamie (L's brother and one of the godparents) stayed with us on Saturday night and brought some gifts with him - one was Z's first car! Very appropriate from a car sales manager...

The service was lovely - part of the normal morning worship at church and the minister, Peggy, really made us feel part of the whole service rather than the christening just being tagged in. Her theme was 'Who do you think you are?' and she was looking a bit at family history and how we are all children of God. I felt quite emotional as we stood before the congregation and thought about the significance of what we were doing. Z was resplendent in the Hutchins family christening gown

and I was really pleased he could wear it - I love little family traditions like that! There was a slight hitch in proceedings when it came to the part where we are offered a candle - Sam tried to light it from the large candle which is always burning during services and managed to put both of them out! There were no matches nearby and panic nearly ensued, fortunately Jamie was on hand with his lighter to save the day. I knew we had chosen well for the godparents!!

The buffet arrived on time (thank goodness) and the cake was excellent (both sorts!). Z again had a really busy day but coped like a trooper and I think secretly loved being passed around and all the attention. A wonderful day.

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