Monday, August 18, 2008

Murder, She ... What!!!

I have been slowly (or not so slowly on fed up days!) working my way through Murder, She Wrote from series 1. I have been aided and abetted in this (and actually positively encouraged) by my loving husband who has been thoughtfully buying me each new series as needed.

Finished series 4 yesterday and I opened series 5 this afternoon (still sealed in cellophane) to start ... only to find that none of the 6 discs were in their boxes!! Hello!

So I am planning to send a strongly worded email to Amazon about this but have concerns as to whether they'll believe me...after all there's no proof now that the original seal has been removed! My only hope is if there was a dodgy batch.

Fortunately my need was sated by a series 5 episode which had been tacked on to the end of the last series 4 disc - presumably as a taster. My goodness - you could hardly tell the difference between the establishing shots on the ski slope and the studio 'outside' shots for the close ups. No, really. And we were especially impressed with the plastic quality of the snow fall (when it wasn't just tacked on at the final edit) and the fantastic acting of the first man to die. Ah Jessica. We love you so.

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