Sunday, August 17, 2008

Christening cake

Zachary's christening is next Sunday and we'd almost got to the point of ordering a cake for him when L's mum kindly pointed out that she still had the top section of our wedding cake in her deep freeze. Specifically saved for this occasion. Whoops.

So, cake has been got out of the freezer but we were slightly dubious as to how it would taste 6 years on and have ordered a sponge anyway - the intention being to sample the fruit cake in the privacy of our own home before foisting it on our unsuspecting public.

Tested the cake today - yummy!! I love fruit cake. Wondering how long you could keep a fruit cake if you really tried - I found this. Wow. Sod the family silver and that cupboard I've always had my eye on - I want to be left a fruit cake in someone's Will. Better yet - is this our chance to start off a family tradition???

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Niles said...

It's no real comparison - but my mum makes everyone a Christmas cake each year, and I'm still eating this years. It's kept fine in perfect condition without the need for freezing or pouring more alcohol into it.