Friday, July 25, 2008

Week off

Well...L's had a week off work - he'd been saving holiday for when we move, but as that didn't seem likely for a while thought he'd make use of some for his birthday week!

Been pretty busy so far - visited his family in Derby over the weekend and also managed to catch up with uni friends which were great. We also talked long and hard about the house. One viewer we had is looking to buy the house as an investment property and made what we initially thought to be a frankly ridiculously low offer on the house.

However, since the house we want to buy has also gone down in price and given that if we leave ours on the market much longer it's going to have to go down again we decided to accept the offer - but try to get it upped a little. So the buyer came round for a second look on Tuesday and we did manage to get his offer raised slightly which we've now accepted!!


Had a great day Wednesday with L for his birthday - I even cooked. I know. Stand back in amazement. Sadly the meal went almost too well and we've agreed to start sharing the cooking more. Damn. Going to have to increase my repertoire now! Here's L's summary of the day.

Thursday we travelled over to see my sister and brother-in-law (BIL), stopping off at my mum's for lunch first. Amazingly z went to sleep first time in his travel cot (after a ropey night in Derby), and we think it was beacause the room was nice and dark compared to L's mum and dad's room. We're going to experiment with a blackout curtain (aka blanket) over our window to see if it helps...

Z off to bed easily left the way clear for a BBQ and a few games so we had a great (if late and tiring) evening.

On the house front, agreeing the sale meant I've had to officially notify workt that I'm not going back and that we're moving...I want them to do our conveyancing and it'd be a dead giveaway when the particulars of sale arrive...

And finally (after some wranglings and shenanigans involving us being not quite brave enough to hold out for the price we wanted) we've agreed a price on the house we want to buy! Hurrah! So it's all going ahead. The best news is that because our chap's buy-to-let and the people we're buying from are moving in with family, the chain's tiny. All systems go.

So we're home. L's off to a stag do tomorrow and I'm off to my mum's. Z? Well he's still busy putting everything he can get his hands on into his mouth - yesterday hewrithed his way out his rocky chair (he has now perfected the 'there's no way I'm staying in this/going in that body shuffle), managed to tip forward onto his front and then spet a happy few minutes licking the leg of the chair. Nice.

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