Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Mummy time

(btw I'm sitting here typing this watching Zachary trying to stuff the feet of his toy caterpillar into his mouth - happy days!)

I managed to get out of the house for some Mummy time on Saturday and it was great. I'd had a couple of hours to myself earlier in the week, but I'm not really counting trying to collect a parcel and visiting the dentist as 'me' time!

It was the Ipswich Orchestral Society concert - soloist Julian Lloyd Webber. I missed the concert he played at a couple of years' ago because of a friends' wedding and was really keen to go to this one. The concert was fantastic - and he really is a great cellist. The sound he produces from that instrument is beautifully sonorous. And no problems at home either - L defrosted some expressed milk in case of emergencies but Z was put to bed before I left and didn't wake up until I was back home (and I even got to catch up on Dr Who before he woke - thank you Zachary!). I missed them both but it was lovely not being Mummy for an evening.

L did send me a text message about half an hour into the concert saying 'OH. MY. GOD' but I correctly deduced that this related to Dr Who and not to Zachary! OMG indeed.

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