Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Number crunching

Went to London today for a workshop/revision day for my last STEP exam which is fast approaching (and it's during show week...but that's another story). It's trust and estate accounts this time and doesn't look to be too bad - at least there aren't reams of case law and statutes to learn! We started with a jaunt through the world of double-entry accounts and the tutor (bless) gave us a helpful mnemonic to aid us in our pursuit of learning how to put entries into the cash account - DRCP which means "debit receipts, credit payments." The helpful mnemonic? Don't Rely on Contraceptive Pills. There's a lesson for everyone there!

Saw a poster for a new film whilst I was looking around aimlessly on the underground escalators and not trying to catch anyone's eye - it was described as "the best British romantic comedy about sexual politics this year." Hmmmm somewhat narrowing the field of competition???

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