Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog your way into history

L sent me this link today - sounds like a good idea. An electronic time capsule. Here's a run-down of my day.

Got up at the usual time this morning - 6.30am. I have recently started working nearer to home that I have for the past 4 years, but still can't get out of the habit of getting up at half 6. Oh well, more time for television! My particular morning favourite is the children's programme The Hoobs - although I think I've seen all of them about 3 times! In case you're not familiar, they are aliens from the planet Hoob sent to earth to find out more about Peeps (us) to report back. Ivor (purple) is the neurotic leader prone to panic attacks when they don't seem to have answered the question in time for Hoob news, Groove (green) is the slightly dopey one who eats constantly and likes collecting things (like, things there are two of, or water in buckets...), Tula (pink) is the girly girl, good with the cooking and making them all costumes, and finally Romer (orange) is the travelling motorbike chick, ever so slightly butch with a friend called Dorothy (who apparently is very rude about her paintings!).

Had an unholy alliance of Bran Flakes and Crunchy Nut Clusters for breakfast and then drove the 25 miles to work. I'm a solicitor working in the private client department, and my day today was filled with a meeting about personal injury trusts and how we deal with the inheritance and capital gains tax changes wrought by this year's Finance Act and a trip out to Scole to see a lady about an Enduring Power of Attorney. Had been secretly dreading that visit but in fact it all went off okay.

After work I popped into Morrisons on the way home for some extras for dinner (cooked by my husband) and we ate that watching series 7 of The West Wing - they're just in the middle of a nuclear scare in Sacramento. Ooooooooooo. Then off to a sectional rehearsal for orchestra. I play the viola and our next concert is in just over a month's time (the week after the Gilbert & Sullivan show) - playing extracts from the Gadfly by Shostakovich, Rachmaninov piano concerto number 2 and Tchaikowsky symphony number 6. The third movement of the symphony is a bit of a nightmare, not leats because we're playing it at breakneck speed! Rehearsal also a good chance to catch up on all the lovely bowing details!

Got home around 10 and didn't want to spoil the ending of CSI : Miami which was just finishing and which I was videoing to watch later so brushed my teeth and came up to write this. Good night.

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