Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday must be the day for it

Another accident on the A14 on my way into work this morning. Diverted around Thurston and in fact had the diversion not been full of other cars diverting might actually be a nice alternative for the last couple of miles. I would hate a journey to get stale! Got to work about half nine.

Same happened last week - an accident on the A14 which resulted in (apparently) the road's closure for 10 hours! Fatal accident - someone tried to drive along the A14 on the wrong carriageway... And then there was an overturned lorry on the diversion route. Another late start and not setting a good precedent for next week!

I've finally updated my reading list on the Blog, but still finding the Iliad tough going - I keep putting off trying to read it and as L finished "Faithless" the other day. I'm taking the opportunity to read that instead! Philip & Elizabeth still going well, if slowly but getting more into it now - I like the section I'm in because it's working through each family tree. Who Do You Think You are has a lot to answer for!

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Niles said...

The M1 is always much worse all day on Fridays, I find on my commute to work. I don't really have as much variety in my route. I can go off the motoroway, which is much prettier, but it takes a whole lot longer. And since I'm always late...!