Sunday, August 06, 2006


Went to my aunt's house in Somersham (Cambs, not Suffolk) yesterday. I love going to her house because it brings back lots of lovely childhood memories. She was holding a kind of yardsale, coffee morning type thing for her local church and the mother's union. The weather was great, and we won a tremendous amount of tat on the tombola! Hurrah!

Got to admire mum's engagement/eternity ring and marvel again at her story of how she saved money on both that and her fiancee's engagement present - a reclining chair. sadly the story took a lot longer that it needed to have done because L and my uncle were ribbing her ceaselessly throughout about the money saving... Oh, and my aunt kept interrupting with random comments that had not much to do with anything else (this is not unusual - L is usually astounded by the way when all the family are together we can seemingly be carrying on 4 or 5 different conversations at the same time with the same people...) But, the joy of it was that we had the usual lovely spread at lunchtime - no need to eat for a week now!

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