Monday, August 14, 2006

Moving day

I'm all moved to Bury now. Still have a lot of unpacking to do for my new desk, but at least everything's over there. Spent most of Thursday packing up my room so on Friday just had the last few things to do - although I arrived at work at half 8 to find my computer had already been removed! That was a bit quick. The guys arrived to move me about 11 and although they initially reeled at the sight of the number of crates I'd managed to fill, they used their spacial awareness talents and managed to get everything into the transit.

Had what must have been the most ridiculous set of conversations with Capita and Computershare whilst waiting for the boys to arrive. You my know that BAA shares are the subject of a takeover bid which is going ahead soon and the acceptance forms also have to be in soon. We are dealing with an estate where there are BAA shares. The document confirming who the executors are* has been sent to Capita (the registrars) although when the letter of acceptance arrived from Computershare (who are handling the ins and outs) it still had the deceased name on it. I rang to ask if I needed to amend the form by hand.

Computershare - we haven't got the executors on our system. we can't process the acceptance until Capita have updated our records.

Me - can't I just send in the *Grant of Probate which shows who they are?

Computershare - you could but we still wouldn't be able to update the records. Capita has to do that

Rang Capita

Capita - we sent Computershare an updated record on 4th july. They've obviously got updates sitting there for the past month they haven't update. we can't help - you need to speak to Computershare again.

Rang Computershare and spoke to someone else.

Me - Capita say they've updated your system.

Computershare - well we still hven't got the records here which might mean we can't update the system. I'll check with my supervisor......oh yes, they say you can just send in the Grant of Probate and we can deal with it from there.

Grrrr - not helpful.

It was strangely emotional leaving Watton for the last time - as I'm now at Bury, the chances of me having to come back that way to see clients is pretty slim and I've had a great 4 years there. I can't imagine what is was like for thoe who had been there 20 years.

So got to Bury to find it appeared noone knew where my spare files were to go. These are now still in boxes in a pile in the basement. I have also gone from having 8 shelves and 3 full filing cabinets to 2 shelves and hangers which take just less than a filing cabinet's worth of files.... This did not make me feel good - there are, sorry were, 2 free desks in the room (open plan) which are now full of my files and the careful alphabetical system I employed in packing the crates has gone up the swanny! Oh well, at least I have put away A to F and I have a plan to comandeer part of another cupboard in the room. Otherwise noone seems particularly bothered that I am in a complete mess! Never mind, I'm sure next week will be better and looking on the bright side, I might even be able to watch LazyTown before i leave on Monday...

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