Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Proper blog

Had a good G&S rehearsal last night - i feel like some of the new stuff's actually starting to stick and we're tromping through it all. Sadly it seems that whenever there isn't a separate alto line written in and I'm getting excited thinking we're going to be able to sing the tune, someone pipes up from behind me "well last time we did it, the altos sang...(some really boring line that consists of one or two different notes. only)" Grrrrr to "last time."

The MD had even written a special line in for us in one bit - just consisted of alternating between 2 notes. only.

I'm starting to get some favourtie bits though - the piano line between verses in Mrs Cripps' legend towards the end of Pinafore is great couple of bars, and I love the harmony and melancholy of "alas, of life his leave he's taking..." from the act one finale. But I cannot sing "trial-la-law" to save my life!

MD's having a bit of trouble getting people to be surprised and shocked when singing - I did consider drawing a little penis by the appropriate songs (to shock me into sounding shocked..) but knew that it would more than likely end badly....

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