Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I really need to vent...

We have a trigger happy electric board at work - you know the sort, someone sneezes at the other end of the building and the electricity trips. This is something which has been going on for some time now and basically all which usually happens is that you get cut off in the middle of a phone call (because the phones are linked to the computers) or a lenghty letter you haven't yet saved - some able person goes and switches the switch and then reboots the computer box.

All very well, except today, one of the switches didn't go back to its normal position and apparently sparks flew when someone tried to touch it!! No electricity coming in through the plugs on our floor. So phone call to the electrician (on my mobile because the phones are connected to the computers...) - rang him back after 10 minutes to give him the chance to phone the office - he telling me when I ring the office to arrange a callout to ask for X specifically and he will sort this out for me.

Appears that everyone I could possibly have to speak to to confirm the call out charge is away from the office today or has gone home early so end up speaking to a rather baffled finance manager, who okayed it.

The phoning the electrician's office and asking to speak to X - he's not in his office. Leaving urgent message to ring me. 15 minutes later trying again - he's in a meeting, they will leave a message for him to call me as soon as he's out. 15 minutes later trying again - now should be in office but isn't. When do you close? In about half an hour. 15 minutes later trying again - apparently X and all the other engineers I might possibly speak to about a call out have gone home early!!!!!!! Is it me or is that just rude?

So.. ringing again first thing tomorrow, meanwhile wasted an hour today when couldn't use phones or PCs at all, and presumably someone isn't going to be able to get to us immediately tomorrow either - oh the fun! And the customer service... grrrrrrr

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