Tuesday, June 28, 2005


I've been a very bad girl and haven't posted a blog for ages! So I thought I'd just give you the highlights of last week ;

Monday : massive thunderstorn during a training session!! Brilliant

Tuesday : spending the entire day with my knickers inside out...

Wednesday : seeing someone working at our Norwich office in his shorts (surely contrary to dress code!)

Thursday : a very hot day - office, no air conditioning - then in the car for an hour - no air conditioning - course at hotel in the afternoon, no air conditioning, very small room with no windows open, and only hot drinks available on arrival - driving home and getting stuck in traffic for a broken down lorry, no air conditioning! was I sweaty!!!

Friday : a 60th birthday "party" at work for someone - their desk had been "creatively" decorated by other colleagues and by that I mean - tons of the holes from a hole punch placed in fan + fan switched on by the lucky individual as soon as they got into the room = confetti spray! In absolutely everything!

Saturday : fruit picking at Goslings Farm - lovely strawberries and gooseberries. It all seemed far too easy and remote from the back breaking stopping I thought we'd have to do - all the strawberries growing in troughs. And of course like any good shoppers, we had to sample a few to make sure they were ripe.... And dancing in the evening!

Sunday : Batman Begins! Ace. And ... annoyingly I now appear to have become addicted to a game on Leigh's DS

and here we are back on Monday again! Had a really busy day and it's not looking any better for the rest of the week - tons of work to do, but already lots else going on outside the office. Oh well, exciting seminar presentation on Wednesday - I'm doing a bit of it. First time as well ...

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