Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tiny cups!

Went to a course in london today - taxation of trusts and estates - yum! (not). Managed to get a seat on the way there and back so that was a bonus! Course was okay - but they served the tea and coffee in the TINIEST cups I've ever seen (I suspect espresso cups)! Could drink the tea in one go - I like a nice big mug myself (...just read that back - not good).

These sort of courses are usually at hotels, which serve a massive 3-course lunch which makes me fall asleep in the afternoon, so thought I'd have a bit of a wander around. The hotel was really near the BT tower which I tried to photograph with my phone to show off to Leigh, but sadly the sun was in front of me and behind the tower so all the pictures show is a big black stick pointing into the sky. Had a lovely baguette at a coffee shop whose soup of the day was "brocolly" and then bought a couple of plums at the station on the way home - they were as big as apples! Now that can't be bad.

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Matron said...

Now, was your wander around AFTER the massive 3 course lunch, in which case you were skiving for the afternoon, or was it in place of the 3 course lunch, which is shooting yourself in the foot because that is often the only good thing about a day course!