Friday, April 21, 2006

End of the week

And nearly the end of our holiday - it's gone so quickly!

We started off with Easter weekend at Sandringham at the Camping and Caravanning site there which is great - and huge! I had been becoming increasingly dubious about the quality of the weather for the weekend - certainly I could definitely hear people sniggering as I left rooms at work after mentioning I was camping that weekend. But fortunately the weather held out (mostly) and typically, the sunniest days were the ones we arrived and spent most of the time putting the tent up and the day we left - spending most of our time gaily chasing the drying groundsheet round our little piece of land while the wind laughed at us.

It was actually a great weekend despite the oil cap farago and forgetting the tent pegs - I love well stocked camp shops - also thoughtfully selling lovely mint magnums and tons of Norfolk tat! Hunstanton was busy and Great Yarmouthy, Sandringham itself was beautiful and the deserted beach at Titchwell Marsh was breathtaking - that is why I love the sea. Quite cold at night though - we got it sorted by the second evening - nice and toasty in our bed...

sleeping bags
picnic rug

Yes...we did need that much!

Had a day at home, then of to Derby to see Leigh's parents and their newly decoated downstairs (not quite finished yet..), and then on to see our friend Emma in Jesus Christ Superstar - great. Home again yesterday after visiting Melbourne and drinking about a gallon of tea (that's after the gallon I had with breakfast!). so...having now tidied the house a bit and caught up with my computer jobs, I think it's time for some revision - unless of course I can find something else to tidy...

Had an awful going back to work dream last night - I had absolutely tons to do and no time to do it - people kept interrupting and wanting to chat - i had to drive home and then to Yarmouth for some reason and spent the dream gradually feeling increasingly panicked...I don't think that's good.

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