Tuesday, March 26, 2013

When ParaTed came to stay

We had a little visitor this weekend - ParaTed from Zachary's school. Apparently he was given to the class by the ambulance men who visited a few weeks ago (suddenly the name becomes clear!) and he only gets to go home with children who are (according to Zachary) very kind and helpful. And Zachary had him for the weekend! Woo-hoo my son!

But...ParaTed comes with a sting in the tail - taking photos of our activities with him and filling in a page of the scrapbook! Over the weekend?!

We had a busy weekend planned as we were off to Norfolk to see my sister and..well, let ParaTed tell you!

First of all there was the school disco (complete with Gangnam style dancing!)

Then dinner and packing for Norfolk...

 The reason for visiting Norfolk was to visit the big model shop off the A11 at Snetterton. It was brilliant. We were mainly there for Lego, but also picked up a board game and some Hama beads. There were lots of other craft things there, party supplies, dressing up, a kitchen section and a pets section! Here are some of the big Lego models...

And everyone in the Lego car!

The rest of the weekend was taken up with seeing relatives and building Lego but also lots more of this stuff

And it looks set to be here for Easter - joy of joys! But we did manage to send Zachary to school on Monday with a completed scrap book which he then had to present to the class (I'm told). We're still waiting for the golden box of goodness to make its way home to us too....

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